Augustin Lusson


Augustin began his violin studies in the Poitiers regional conservatory under Brigitte Barat’s tutelage, at the end of which he reveiced his Diplôme National d’Orientation Professionelle. During his studies in Poitiers, he went on to discover traditional music with Romain Chérée and co-founded Red Checks and DSF Jhâze; 2 projects geard towards experimentation and creation. He moved to Paris to study under Patrick Bismuth and Catherine Montier, in Versailles and Boulogne. This allowed him to graduate with a music studies degree (DEM) and enter Odile Edouard’s class in the prestigious Lyon national conservatory (CNSMD). He also studied jazz violin in Lyon’s regional conservatory with Remi Crambes. Now, nearing the end of his studies, he went to second place during the first Normandy International Baroque Music Competion (Concours Corneille).

He performs with (among others) the Centre de Musicque baroque de Versailles, Harmonia Sacra, La petite Bande, l’OJF Baroque in Europe (Vienna, Amsterdam) and Japan (Tokyo). Attracted to all kinds of music, he is self-taught in jazz, experimental, Franch and Irish traditional music and as a computer-assisted music and sound engineering. Augustin’s favorite artists and influencers gravitate between Tigran Hamasyan, Flatbush Zombies, Animals as Leaders, Casey Driessen, and many more.


Augustin play the Alessandro Mezzadri violin.