Evgeny Sviridov

Evgeny is currently living in Cologne, Germany.

As my both parents are musicians I think the choice of me becoming a professional musician was already made before I was born. They taught me first to play the piano, but I'm not sure why they also chose the violin for me, but anyway I had nothing against it and loved to play both.
What’s more, they gave me also one of the most important things for any musician – a good musical theory base (they both teach theory and literature of music). This helps me through my musical life really very much.

The first person who told me about historical informed practice was again my father. He has plenty of recordings of Harnoncourt, Leonhard, Herreweghe etc. It was probably my first impulse to play baroque. In 2010, on the sly from my conservatory teacher, I joined a Bach competition in Leipzig and suddenly got a first prize... I did not play baroque violin at the time, but just loved playing this style. This prize persuaded me to turn to authentic ways of playing and to studying baroque more thoroughly.
So after the competition I began studying baroque violin (privately) by Andrey Reshetin. His extraordinary and deep understanding of baroque performance method (theory of affects, gestures, articulation and so on) formed mostly my own way of playing.
Since I've settled in Cologne now, I'm trying to sponge up all that was developed in historical music practice in Europe, and I already feel some changes in my performance.
The most important highlight in my career is that I was invited as a concertmaster of the famous "Concerto Köln". This ensemble has existed for over 30 years and has its very own style and big tradition, so I'm very happy to be part of it!

The first thing Evgeny does when waking up: open a window and check his email if any invitations have come in from Carnegie Hall, Concertgebouw etc ;-)


Evgeny has been playing the Gagliano violin since 2015.




If you want to learn more about Evgeny and his music, or want to book him, he will be happy to hear from you via:
Email: sviridov1685@gmail.com
Facebook: Evgeny Sviridov